Friday, October 16, 2009

Silver Dollar City (again!)

Eating breakfast at Molly's Mill!
Spinning the Wheel of Fortune!
Yum, hot cocoa was definitely needed on this cold day!
Yes, my father did look kind of like a homeless dude in that hat...but, hey, his ears were cold, what are you gonna do? It was like, 50 degrees and raining outside!

Riding Powder Keg!!!
"Hey! That area is restricted!"
"You're toooo close to that NITRO!
"Do you smell smoke??"
Playing in Geyser Gulch. The water (i.e. " The Geysers") were ON.
Brrr! Watch out for the water!
Too much fun~ and more to come!
We rode the Kayley sized roller coaster. She LOVED it!
Riding the bouncy frogs.
We could get some serious airtime when Mommy was in the backseat.
Riding the butterflies.
blech! I'm gonna be sick!
Riding the ladybugs was pretty boring after riding the fun bouncy frogs and the butterflies.

Riding on the swings!
Kayley was tall enough to ride this one! She rode 4 times!
James and I rode the big UFO spinny ride twice. Fun!
Riding the Flooded Mine.
Papa posed with the jack-o-lanterns. He looks pretty scary, don't you think?
Swinging Bridge.
We are in the jail!
Grandfathers Mansion.
James is somewhere up there riding Wildfire. I couldn't do it today...not after having been spun and jostled a 100 times with Kayley on her kiddie rides. I wasn't feeling so great. Blugh.
Probably the best attraction in the whole park. The Barrel of Fun vibrated your feet to invigorate them. Kayley had a turn on this with everybody...once we were all invigorated we set out for more fun and adventure.
Kayley cried when she discovered she was too short to ride Thunderation.
I just really liked this quote found over by the McHaffie Homestead.
Petting Zoo.
We were there from open to (nearly) closed.
Whew! It was a long day. But lots of fun!

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