Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Happenings...

I've got a few other pictures that haven't been posted so I thought I would throw them all on here... Enjoy a few random happenings from this week.

Kayley helped her Daddy build a wheelbarrow...
And he took her for a ride around the yard.
We hit up the farmers market on Glenstone & Battlefield... Very cool. Lots of Amish goodies...very fun. It was also quite chilly. Kayley bought a tiny little pumpkin to decorate.
I managed to french braid Kayley's hair for the first time ever. Turned out pretty cute.
Kayley also aquired some "pretty princess shoes" and had fun prancing around the house with her shoes, purse and jewelry.
Kayley managed to coax Gramma into reading with her in the Harry Potter closet...one of her favorite places to play...
Kayley painted a birdhouse, and herself while we unpacked.
Her bellybutton was blue for a week.

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