Friday, September 25, 2009

Where in the world are James, Stephanie & Kayley

Hello everyone!
I know by now you may be wondering where we are... here is a quick update.
(As I type this I am sitting in the 900 sq ft library in Rogersville, MO...with a 1 hour time limit!)

We got here to Rogersville safely and the movers have come and gone. Just a few things have been causing us problems...I'll name a small sampling.

1. There are no phone. The phone jacks are busted...kaput...nadda. This also means no internet. It has been horrendous to say the least.
2. There are ginormous spiders...bugs...and other creepy crawlies EVERYWHERE. In fact...I opened the front door yesterday and a very big preying mantis landed on my chest. I SCREAMED bloody murder. It is a wonder that my new neigbhors didn't come running...
3. We still have no stove. I'm hungry.
4. There are free roaming dogs all over that keep pooping in my yard. I wanted to call the dog-catcher but apparently they won't come outside of city limits. (of which we are just barely).
5. What I thought would be Kayleys new preschool smells like pee. Ugh.
6. There is a leak under our sink.
7. The toilet seat is so wobbly it almost threw me in the floor when I sat down on it.

Oh...there is so much more... So much...but I will save it for another day. My hour here in the teeny tiny library is almost up and I have to go.

Needless to say it is uncertain when I will get on here again. Soon I hope!! I miss everybody...

Oh, and by the way....M is having a girl!
Yay! :) :) :)


  1. YAY! (Not yay on the whole no phone big bugs situation) but looks like James will be more than outnumbered.

  2. FINALLY! I was getting worried lol!:) Glad you made it and sorry about all the stuff that is going wrong:(! Congrats on the lil girl:) Yay!! Hope things start looking up and phone jacks are on the top of hubby's to do list right?!!?

  3. Yea for a baby girl... I see some way cute matching dresses in your future:) The greatest move we made... The house had no sewer system... the landlord didn't bother to let us know this.. 2nd greatest move... the house had no shower... 3rd greatest move... a SQUIRREL chewed a hole and came into our dining room... thankfully, we own now:)

  4. Another girl! How exciting!
    Oh man, I am sorry about the problems you have been dealing with. I am glad to hear the update and know that you made it to MO safely!

  5. Congratulations! On making to your new home, getting things situated, and finding out about baby girl, we're so happy for you!


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