Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mesa Museum of Natural History

Today we fit in one more adventure! (I know right...we keep fitting in our "last adventure" over and over again, don't we?) Anyway. It was pretty fun, we went down to the Mesa Museum of Natural History! Enjoy the pics!
Kayley pretty much ran from place to place saying, "Look at this one! Look at this thing! Look here Mommy..." Looook! Look at this! Loook at THIS! Wow!"
Ok, I had to throw this pic in so you could see how cute her hair looked today...
Panning for Gold in the courtyard.

Afterward we stopped at 5 & Diner for lunch...
While we were there, Kayley learned to spell. She wrote the letter A and you can see we are showing her how to spell Mommy. Wow! What a smartie!

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