Friday, September 11, 2009

H&R Block en Espanol...

We were desperately trying to find an H&R Block that was open on Fridays.
Well, we found one...and when we pulled up outside this is what it looked like.
I this H&R Block? Can anybody translate these signs for me?
Where is that big green square?
We finally decided it was, and after nearly entering a jewelry store, we found the tax help we needed. The forms were all in Spanish, but the nice tax-agent was bilingual and translated them for us... She was friendly and proficient but:
Over all, it was one of the scariest H&R Blocks I have ever been!
Look at these bars on the windows!
How BAD is this neighborhood?

But hey~ We amended our tax return and will
get the awesome rebate from buying our house!
Whoooo hoooo!!!

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