Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weird Random Picture Day.... and more blogging wanted....

I love blogging. I think people are starting to figure out how much I love blogging when I desperately search each day for something to blog about. Since I couldn't come up with anything too interesting to blog about today I thought I would have "weird random picture day." I chose this picture of my brother Steven trying to poke out Kayley's eye... It seemed weird...and it was definitely random.

In other news. I was thinking about how much I love blogging. I was thinking about starting another blog so I could blog even more. But what would I blog about? I thought some about blogging my weight loss journey (or more accurately my weight loss pitiful attempts because I never get anywhere and never lose any weight) or my infertility journey (this has been done already by a few of my friends but they always end up pregnant in the end) or our adoption journey (which is kind of already covered in this blog and since there is no news there is nothing to blog). I had also thought about maybe a Ozarks/South-Central MO kind of blog where I could go lots of cool places and blog about them....and maybe give them star ratings or something? Hmmmm.... chances are I would have my family with me and end up blogging about it in 2 different places. I do kind of like that idea. Could be fun? Maybe even throw in some research into the area and write about history? Who knows? Maybe I could eventually gain some followers... Oooohhh...I could set up "guest bloggers" like, the writer for "Under the Red Roof..." (DaD!) Hmmm...I'd better check...maybe that has already been done?

There are so many different types of blogs out there! Some of my favorites are hair-fixin' blogs, history/romance writin' blogs, and adoption blogs. I have friends who just blog about whatever they feel like...friends who blog about movies they've seen or books they read. I have friends who blog restaurants they've eaten.

What should I do? I'm open to suggestions.

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  1., they didn't actually eat the restaurants. You knew what I meant. =)


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