Friday, June 5, 2009

The History of Kayley and her "Kankets"

For a lack of something to blog about today...since we decided to stay home and hang out...I thought I would do a cute flashback and give you the history of Kayley and her Kankets. You will see lots of never before seen photos...since Kanket photos were never published on the blog or on Kodak... Enjoy!

Uncle Steven and Aunt Jenna gave Kayley this cute yellow Pooh blankie when Kayley was born. It quickly became a favorite.

I worried though, because I couldn't find a second one like it...and I always heard that you should have more than one blankie in case it got lost..or when you wanted to wash it...and so it didn't get all scummy like other blankies...
So, while she was little enough not to care too much, I went out and bought a pink fluffy blankie in the hopes that she would forget about Pooh and focus more on the pink one.... She loved the pink one, although it backfired and she couldn't go to bed without BOTH the Pooh and Pink "Kanket" as she started calling them. I was lucky though in that...she only drug the pink kanket around the house...and Pooh usually waited for her in bed....
Pink Kanket goes went everywhere with Kayley...EXCEPT, I put my foot down and from the very beginning insisted that Kankets are for AT HOME only...which caused a few tears initially, but I was so glad I did. We set up a special place by the door for her to put her kanket so she could pick it up as soon as we walked back in the door...

When Kayley decided she liked the pink Kanket I went back to the store to buy a few more... Can you believe they didn't have pink anymore? So I bought blue... She never seemed to care that it was a different everytime I switched them out she just rolled with it.

Now I have to admit that Kayley has 6 Kankets. Her Yellow Pooh...which is her favorite Pooh...and an alternate pink Pooh in case of washing or a lost yellow Pooh. We have 2 regular pink kankets and one blue kanket...we also have a different pink Kanket...which is not quite the same. One of the pink ones is packed in our 72 hour kits...(pretty wise I think)...the others stay in her drawer and she only has 2 out at a time. A pooh and a regular kanket...

Well...that is the history of the kanket...oh...which Kayley has since started telling's a "BBB-lanket..." oh... and she rarely drags them around the house anymore...they pretty much stay in her bed. I guess it won't be much longer and she will put them away for good...
My baby is growing up.


  1. Oh, I don't know about that - my 6 year old is still very partial to her "smelly blankie" (which is called that because she holds it under her nose and smells it while she's going to sleep - not because of a foul odor or anything!) It mostly stays in her bed, too, but it's still a must have to go to sleep. Cute pictures. LOVE the one with the halloween bows where she's sucking her thumb - so cute!! (BTW - where are you moving? I haven't picked up on that yet - or maybe I have and I have 'mom-brain')

  2. I agree, the Halloween picture is super-cute.
    I think all of us "Hellewell girls" have had blanket attachments.
    I still sleep with my baby blanket actually. It was a rather big one as a kid, and is still big enough to cover me. Blue/white silky material tied with yarn.


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