Saturday, June 6, 2009

Goldfield Ghost Town

Today we decided to visit another must-see Phoenix attraction, Goldfield Ghost Town. Goldfield is filled with authentic looking buildings, includes underground mine tours, and the only narrow gauge railroad in operation in Arizona.
To learn more about Goldfield Ghost Town click here.

We started our adventure by scoping out Main Street.
A lot of things were closed for the summer...

The bordello was closed so no tours were being offered by the "floozies" today, but Kayley did stop to pose as a bird in a "gilded cage."

We also decided to tour "Arizona's largest live display of venomous reptiles and invertebrates."
When we got inside the snake lady was having trouble getting one of the displays closed. She was hollering for a "Man to help." So James wandered in there to see what he could do. It involved him holding this door closed for a while so the ginormous snake couldn't escape while she made a phone call to figure out what to do...
Eventually they decided that it needed to be swept near the hinges so it would close better, which they did...and they did ultimately get it closed. (shudder).
Kayley was pretty stressed out this whole time... Ok...Mommy was pretty stressed out the whole time too. The snake was huge! The snake lady told us that he wasn't venomous (thank goodness) and we wouldn't have to pay to look at the museum...(thanks).
We spent the rest of the time checking out the other creepy reptiles in the museum. I was ready to go after they got that snake door closed, but I politely waited while James and Kayley oooh'd and aaaahh'd over the creepy spiders, snakes and Gila monsters. (shuuuudddddeeerrr)...

This snake is taking a drink! I have never seen a drinking snake before...have you?
Hello there snake.
Kayley took this picture of us in the reptile house.
A turtle!
Kayley knocking on the door of the Jail. It was closed too... Good thing there were no drunken miners or other criminals on the loose in Goldfield today.

It started to get pretty hot outside, even though it was one of the nicest days of the summer. It was actually quite windy too.

We rode the train while we were there. It was the slowest moving train we had ever been on... It crept along at like, maybe, 2 miles per hour....
Waiting for our train.
Still waiting....

And more waiting...Kayley got she sat down. We didn't want her to get her bum dirty so we told her she couldn't sit on the she improvised and sat on my foot.
I guess that works.
Yay! We finally got on the train!

No smoking on this train!

I tried to tell James that taking pictures from this angle gives us all double chins....but he didn't listen. How many chins can you find in this picture?

The last thing we did was go on the Goldfield Mine Tour. We actually got into one of the creeeeeepy mine "buckets" and went way down underground to tour the mine. Kayley kept kicking dirt all over me and she wanted back up as soon as we got down there. I heard they were supposed to do a mock "dynamite explosion" down there but they didn't. I speculate it was because of Kayley and the tour guide didn't want to scare her.

My shoes got really dirty. Thanks to Kayley kicking mine dirt all over me.
I even have one of her footprints on my shin.
Overall, Goldfield Ghosttown was pretty cool.

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