Monday, June 15, 2009

Desert Botanical Garden...

Let me preface this posting by saying, "why would anybody in their right mind...go to the Desert Botanical June??" But, we did. And it was hot. Enjoy the photo's I snapped at the Gardens...

Yes...very hot. I know we all look nerdy/dorky with straw hats on...but it makes a BIG difference to not have that sun beating down on your head.

My handsome husband. I think he looks pretty cute in a hat. Kind of like Crocodile Dundee. Ok, not really. =) He is still handsome though.

I think I look OK in a hat too. Kind of like Crocodile Dundee....har har.

Hey! Do you see what I see?

Gramdaddy had a fun time pushing Kayley around in the stroller.

A ginormous lizard!

A wigwam. We told Kayley that was the doggy door.

What's in there?

Gram grinding mesquite pods.
Kayley took a turn at the "grinder".
A timed portrait. Next I should probably NOT do it in the shade.
Looks kind of weird doesn't it?

James with his Dad.

Kayley playing with the mister. It was a nice way to cool off.


  1. The mickey mouse cactus was awesome!
    The timed photo did look kind of weird with all the shade patterns on you all.
    It did look like it was a hot day indeed. You guys are troopers for sticking out the heat.

  2. Mickey!!!!! I see him!

    I've just gotta say AWWWWWW! to seeing your in laws. They are such wonderful people. I've been blest to meet them a few times & they're some of the most devoted and loving grandparents. I remember they had this gorgeous picture of Kayley as a screensaver & they were so, so proud of her!!

    Also they were so generous with their friendship toward me! They have truly blessed me with their kindness.


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