Monday, May 18, 2009

The Ice Cream Bucket

You are probably wondering why I have posted a picture of a Breyers Ice Cream Bucket... I will tell you although many of you will find this weird. I have my Mom-in-Law, Beverly to thank for her suggestion of keeping this contraption in my car. Now that Kayley is mostly potty trained we have been carrying this cool bucket in our car as an "Emergency Potty." We "christened" it for the first time on our Grand Canyon trip.

Long story short: When Kayley and I traveled to MO a few weeks ago...we tried to use a potty in the Chicago airport. Well, it turned out that it was one of those automatic flushing potty's that malfunctioned and flushed on Kayley's bum! It scared her half-to-death and she jumped off the potty (spraying me and herself in the process). those auto-potties are referred to as "scary potties" by Kayley and "Auto-flushy-potties" by me. We've been really lucky so far in that, we have been able to avoid the auto-potties until this weekend. McDonalds only had the auto-potties. Kayley refused to go. She was going to hold it...or have an accident. So, I fetched the emergency potty out of the car...and she tinkled in the ice cream McDonalds. Whew...accident (and bladder/kidney infection) averted!

And there is the story of the Breyers Ice Cream Bucket.


  1. So smart! We have a little fold-able travel potty with liners and stuff so you can just throw away the mess! I thought it was the strangest present from my mother in law, until we had to use it the first time!

  2. We never go on a road trip without a bucket, a towel and disinfecting wipes. We've never had to use it for a potty, but we have a couple of kids who are prone to carsickness, and it's really saved us more than once acting as a barf-bucket. There is nothing as gross as vomit all over the car when you're still hours and hours from your destination! Who knew that a ice cream bucket could be handy in so many ways?!

  3. That's just awesome. I KNEW there was a reason why we were keeping those containers, I just wasn't sure what for.


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