Monday, March 16, 2009

More Things Irish...

As promised. I scanned in some more old Irish Dance photo's. I'm really sad. I have a CD that my friend Stephanie gave me that has a bunch of pictures on it, but the entire CD case has mysteriously disappeared in our apartment. I have been looking for it since early February, since it has several other important discs in it, but it still hasn't turned up. Maybe I'll beg Stephanie to email me those pictures when she has time... Sigh.

Anyway, here is my first St. Patricks day parade. I think I'm maybe 21 or 22 in this picture.

My first dance competition. I did terrible and didn't win any medals, but it was fun.

My last dance competition. I'm 5th from the left. Number 1152. I "kicked butt" at this competition winning several first place medals and a couple of seconds.

Dancing with the City of Denver Pipeband. I traveled with them to Sydney, NE for Octoberfest. Fun fun fun times. Dancing in the Beer tent in our ugly 80's costumes. Those were NOT flattering at all.

Dancing at a Ceili (pronounced just like Kayley), a traditional Irish Dance party.
Can you find me?

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