Friday, March 13, 2009

Monkey Madness

Today we went to "Monkey Madness" preschool program at the zoo.

Kayley made a special "lunch bag" for the squirrel monkeys in monkey village. You'll see what they did with them in just a minute!

Here is Kayley's Monkey Lunch Bag!

We also sorted monkeys. Did you know the difference between an ape and a monkey? Apparently monkey's have tails...and tails! Here we sorted these little plastic figures based on whether they were a monkey or an ape.

We love that this program was outside today. The weather this morning was perfect! Behind Kayley is "Monkey Island." I was worried about all the kids, there is kind of a rocky slope and then nothing but water...luckily nobody fell in. Kayley had breakfast at this cute kid-sized picnic table with some other kids from the program. That little boy next to her kept trying to steal food off of her plate. Kayley was so good, she just looked at him like, "seriously, dude, that's my food..." And then Kayley would look at his Mom like, "uh...are you gonna do something about that?" I'm so proud of Kayley, she is really such a well mannered little girl.

They helped the monkey "jump on this parachute." Kayley had a fun time with this...

Parachute video with the jumping monkeys...

Of course these zoo programs wouldn't be complete without that sand table. Today it was full of trees and monkeys.

Our morning ended with our free carousel ride. Kayley opted to ride the dolphin today. In fact we had to walk around forever because Kayley told me from the gate that she wanted to find and ride the dolphin. He was hard to find when you are looking for a specific animal. haha!

Here are the monkeys in Monkey Village going nuts over the little Lunch Bags the kids made for them. It was incredible...every monkey in the village was over on our side digging in the kids' bags. The poor people on the other side were probably wondering where all the monkeys were...

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