Monday, March 23, 2009

Kayley goes to the Dentist!

Today was Kayley's first trip to the Dentist! It went just great. The office was gorgeous and very clean and everyone was awesome and friendly.

Here she is in the waiting room waiting for her turn. They had a nice little kid-sized corner with a small TV playing Madagascar and several books and Highlights magazines.

Kayley was pretty intrigued by this plant they had in the waiting room.

Kayley in the dentist chair. She didn't like it. She looks worried doesn't she? In the end the technician said I could sit in the chair and have Kayley sit on my lap. That worked out much, much better.
Cheese! Kayley was so cooperative that the technician even managed to get 2 X-rays of Kayley's teeth! She let the dentist look over all her teeth top and bottom. No cavities!

While we waited between the Dental Tech and the Dentist, we snapped this photo of this evil-looking jack rabbit on the wall. What is it with us and evil looking bunnies?

They also gave Kayley this neat project to work on while we waited. It was a picture of an empty Dentist office, then they gave Kayley a huge sticker page to create her own Dental Office!
Thanks to the Tech who snapped this photo of us.
In the end, Kayley also got her picture taken by the dentist and it is hanging on the "Cavity Free" wall. She also got to pick a special prize out of the Treasure Chest for being so brave.

I really thought this was a nice touch. We received this letter in the mail about 4 days before our appointment. You can click on it to make it bigger.
Kayley's Sticker Creation...

Anyway, just in case you were wondering, it is recommended that your children start seeing a dentist at 2yrs old-ish or when they have their teeth. Kayley is supposed to go on a regular annual rotation now just like another adult or child. We went to Four Peaks Family Dentistry located in Old Town Scottsdale, just in case you wanted to go there, and YES, I totally recommend them!


  1. Yay Kayley! My dentist as a kid always had Highlights magazine and it was the only good thing about being in that waiting room.Glad to see it's still around.

  2. I remember the Highlights magazines as well. I loved those as a kid.
    Stephanie, your hair cut looks especially cute now that I can see all of it.
    It looks like Kayley's hair is getting some serious strawberry-blond highlights to it up top. Oh, and I LOVE the pigtails, they're so darn cute on her.
    My Dental Tech when I was a kid was named Stephanie. :)


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