Friday, March 20, 2009

Farm, Food & Play - Rice!

Another day, another preschool program at the zoo! Today it was Farm, Food and Play at Harmony Farms. We learned about rice!!
We had to get to the zoo early. We recieved a letter that told us that because it was Spring Break, we would want to arrive early in order to make it on time. So we got there about 20 minutes before it started, and ended up having to wait 15 minutes anyway.
When we left though, people that were just arriving to the zoo were parking in overflow parking! It was really really busy.

Here is Kayley playing with Cody. They are planting "rice" in the "rice paddy."

They had parachute fun again, making "popping rice"

Cody also helped Kayley at the "sushi" table. This little playset was interesting. It was all wood sushi rolls and such, with velcro!

Even the chopsticks were velcro! Made it very easy to use chopsticks. Thank goodness Cody is so patient with Kayley. Kayley made Cody "eat" at least one of everything on the table.

Learning about different kinds of rice and their textures.

Kayley made this beautiful rice mosaic (which has pretty much all fallen apart by now.)

We also planted our very own "rice paddy-in-a-cup."
Finally, a plant that I can't over-water!

We also made our own "Fruit-Sushi" with sweet sticky rice and fruit. It was very sticky and stuck to everything. Yummy though.

We also made a special treat to take to the Wallabys. Puffed Rice in a bag.

At the Wallaby Walkabout Kayley gave her bag to the keeper there and she hung them up for the Wallabys to play with.

And, we were bummed when, the Wallabys didn't care. They were snacking on some peanuts and ignored our bags. We hung out for 10 minutes and got bored and left to go ride the carousel.

Rhinoceros! Thanks to an extra person working the carousel today. He snapped our picture for us. Can you see my short hair?

Kayley making the "rhino" sign.
I have no idea where she learned this and if it is right according to ASL?

On the carousel. You can see getting excited about making the rhino sign at the very end.

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  1. That first picture has got to be one of the cutest ones I've seen of her!
    Maybe it's time to change her picture on the blog to that one?!
    Sorry about the wallabies. Too bad they weren't more interactive.
    I'm not sure about the ASL sign for rhino, but the sign Kayley made looks pretty obvious and convincing to me!


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