Sunday, March 15, 2009


We saw Cavalia last night! It was incredible! Wow!

Cavalia is a Cirque du Soleil show featuring horses. We were so excited to go see a show! We kind of joked that it was like watching Lord of the Rings on stage. It was very magical.

From the program: Cavalia combines acrobatic and equestrian displines. The Cavalia stables are made of more than 45 males, both stallions and geldings interacting on stage with all the artists and riders in great liberty and harmony.

The trick riding was breath taking. There were girls demonstrating with lasso's... (I guess that is a reason to put Kayley in 4H?) There was more traditional Cirque performances with the bungee girls from the ceiling and flying on harnesses (with the help of horses). Overall, it was amazing and if it wasn't so expensive I would clamor to go see it again.

Photography during the show was prohibited, but here we are waiting for the show to begin. You can probably tell by the seats behind us that we were very early (my fault, obviously). We were really close to the front too...we were on row 7!!!
We sat in the "Horse Lovers" section of the seats, which is a "preferred seating area." Except we didn't know that until we got there. After picking up our tickets at the box office they told us that part of our tickets included and exclusive backstage visit to the stables after the show! Talk about cool!!!

Here are some of the horses!

Look at that increadible hairdoooo!
Walking the horses. I'm sure many of them needed to walk awhile to cool off after the show.

I hope this You Tube video is an awesome trailer for Cavalia and you can hopefully get an idea of what we saw last night!


  1. That looked very cool! You guys see fun things, keep it up :)

  2. I'll have to check back to see that YouTube link from a different computer some other day.
    YouTube is blocked here at work and any links from such don't populate when visiting other pages either.
    Sounds like a cool show though.
    Oh, and your hair looked pretty too.


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