Friday, March 13, 2009

All Things Irish...

Ok, so for those who know me really well, will know that St. Patricks Day is actually one of my all-time favorite holidays. I started Irish Dancing at the age of 20. It was soon after Riverdance became so popular. I thought the dancing was just beautiful and I really wanted to learn how. I started lessons with St. Brendan's School of Irish Dance in Colorado Springs, CO. After I moved to Denver I transferred to Heritage, and later to Bennett when they did some rearranging of schools. I was also able to dance and march with the City of Denver Pipe Band.

I loved it...I miss it. It was SO much fun. Here in Phoenix, there is no Irish Dance school even remotely close to me and there is NO pipe band...nothing. I miss my friends, I miss dancing, I miss my cool costumes. Hahah... Here are some pics for you to enjoy of my friends and I in our last St. Patricks day before we moved to AZ.

Stephanie and I with our zany head-dress. We joked that we should have gotten paid by that tax agency for advertising their business. Stephanie and I were called the "Terror Twins" by other Pipe Band members. I have no idea why...we usually couldn't stop giggling...we were not terrors at all.

Our dance group. Ken, our token dancer-man.

Don... whom I alway affectionally referred to as "The Grand Poobah."
Parade lineup.

Can-can girls? Nope...just Irish Dancers. We had crazy amounts of fun.
I miss my dancer-friends a LOT.

I do have some other Irish Dance photo's from competition and performances...Those will be comeing up sometime between now and St. Pat's too.
Go green!


  1. fun. i love st. patrick's day too! my sister is crazy about it. i think it's her favorite holiday.

  2. We saw some awesome Irish step dancing when we went to the BYU vs. Airforce football game. I'll bet they were from the school you mentioned in Colorado Springs! I've always wanted to try it.


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