Saturday, February 28, 2009

Primary Activity - Mesa Temple

Today we went to a Ward Primary Activity at the Temple. Kayley thought it was pretty exciting. Her nursery leaders had handed out small cards with a picture of the temple several weeks ago and Kayley was pretty excited that it was the "same" as on her card!
Looking at the water...


Kayley took this picture of us!

Learning about Snapdragons.

A feather!

Another pretty flower...

Kayley kept trying to pick the flowers...we kept explaining to her that they should stay there for everyone to enjoy and make the temple pretty.

Coloring some pictures...

The kids at the Christus.

Still playing on the temple grounds.

They brought donuts!

Look at Kayley...she's saying, "Hey, are you gonna eat that?"

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  1. that looks like such a fun activity! i love the mesa temple!


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