Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Artie the Artichoke...

I wasn't sure what I might want to blog about today, so I decided to blog about my favorite college mascot, Artie ...

I was a student at Scottsdale Community College for a year and a half - home of The Fighting Artichoke!

During that time I had the pleasure of serving on the Student Leadership Forum (ie. Student Government)... My first year as a Student-at-Large and my second year as Chair of Student Leadership Forum. It was a lot of fun. See if you can find me in this picture, it should be pretty easy, I'm the only one over the age of 24.

As a member of student government many of us had the privilege (although a LOT of people didn't want to do it) of wearing our mascot costume. This costume was Hot-Hot-HOT and pretty heavy. It messed up your hair terribly and your arms would go to sleep since they basically had to stick straight out the whole time through those little arm holes on the side. You had to have an "escort" to help you get where you needed to go because visibility is very limited. You can't see it, but you wore these GI-normous sneakers that fit over your regular shoes.

Anyway, I was given the opportunity to wear our mascot costume during our interview with CBS's Bill Geist...I even managed to catch a basketball with those tiny arms! I heard I was nearly famous after it aired on CBS Sunday Morning, but somehow I missed it and can't find a link to it anywyere on the internet.
I also got to wear the artichoke during this photo opp with our (now retired) college president, Dr. DeCabooter... I look great in green don't you think?


  1. Awesome costume!! It was real nice to see both of you up in Scottsdale the other weekend when we visited. Give us a call if you come to or through Yuma anytime so we can visit.

  2. Go Stephanie! I had a secret desire to be the high school mascott growing up, but it got destroyed, so my dreams were dashed! I'll just have to live vicariously through you :) We just got your card the other day, and are very excited for you and your family! We'll keep watching,

  3. I always wanted to be a mascot too!
    I actually applied to be the mascot at CSU, but was turned down because I was too big to fit into the costume. :(
    I like the artichoke get-up, and yes, you do look good in green.


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