Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shamrock Farms

Today we went on another Family adventure! We drove out to Maricopa, Arizona to visit Shamrock Farms! A real working dairy farm!

It was very dry and dusty out in the Southwestern part of the desert! It was also VeRy windy!
We saw a LOT of cows on the way to Shamrock Farms.

Here we are drinking our Sharmrock Farms chocolate milk! We are waiting to go on the tour!!

Still waiting. Kayley REALLY liked chocolate milk!

While we waited, Kayley stopped to churn some butter.

Then we took our picture with Roxy, the spokes-cow.

Here is Kayley reading all about Roxy and Shamrock Farms.

We finally got on the tram for our tour. It was SO windy and the dust was blowing SO badly!

On our way out to meet the cows! There were over 10,000 cows in the herd...they are all milked twice a day, seven days a week! They can milk 200 cows at a time!
The "Kitchen." Here is where they whip up the gourmet cow food!

At the Shamrock Farms play ground. We stopped here halfway through our tour for a break. Here is Kayley driving the milk truck.

Going down the slide!

Riding a cow!

Ok, so they had these things that you could stick your finger in to feel what it is like to be "milked." Yes, it was kind of weird.

Playing in the giant cottage cheese.

Toward the end we were able to play in the "Cow Kindergarten" where we could pet calves. We had to wear gloves because they were still babies and we didn't want to give them germs.
They liked to lick our gloves it was very slobbery.

It was really fun and interesting!

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  1. How fun!
    I loved cows as a kid. In fact, I wouldn't mind having a few on some land some day. They are really sweet creatures.
    I'm glad Kayley had fun there.
    Oh, and the baby cows were really cute!


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