Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gentle Giants - Giraffes!

We went to the next in our series of Zoo Preschool activities. This one was called, Gentle Giants -Giraffes. We waited on the bridge again, but we were sad this time that we didn't get to feed the turtles and ducks... Here is Kayley looking forlornly over the duck or turtle food today...
Playing at the Sand Table. Kayley got in trouble and had to go to time out during this activity for throwing sand at another little girl.

This is how they get the food up to the Giraffes! The put the food buckets on a system of pullies and raise it high up into the air!

Our art project. Stamps!

Then we got to go to the Giraffe barn and feed them carrots! Here is Kayley feeding a giraffe!

Kayley wanted me to take a picture of this particular kind of Giraffe food. It is Hay!

Afterward we rode the carousel...

Kayley likes to sit on the inside so she can watch herself go up and down and up and down...

Self-Portrait.... Mommy and Kayley on the carousel. I got so dizzy trying to take pictures and video on the carousel...

In front of the tortoise!

Kayley took this picture! No really!! She did!

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  1. Beautiful! I love the picture of you and Kayley's head shots, oh so cute!


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