Monday, August 11, 2008

Road Trippin' or Maybe this wasn't such a good idea with a 2 year old?

Ok, so here are some photos from our Road Trip...also known as "Traveling 800 Miles with a 2-Year-Old."
Here is Kayley all ready to go. She packed her own little bag, brought Ernie and a sippy. Of course, anyone who has ever hung around a 2 year old knows that the contents of that bag were boring before we even got to the highway...

Luckily, we were so Smart! We bought a DVD player for the backseat! It cracks me up! Everytime I looked back at Kayley's face, illuminated in the dark by the DVD player. She was SO abosorbed.
All I could think was, "Yes!, Yes, little podling, gaze into the crystal...feel your life essence draining...."
It was impossible to get a photo, but we tried.

Our first night out we stayed in a cabin at a KOA. Here is Kayley and Mommy cuddling in bed.

One of Kayley's few naps on the trip. She wouldn't sleep in the car. Too much going on I guess. One of our biggest problems on the trip was Kayley kept getting a "budgie" (diaper-wedgie). We were constantly trying to pick her bum for her while she was locked into her carseat. Poor baby.

Kayley at On The Border with her cousin Elijah. They got along pretty well long as Elijah didn't touch anything that was Kayley's.

We even convinced them to hug eachother. Aaawwww.

The On The Border tortilla makers gave Kayley and Elijah a dough ball to play with. Elijah mostly ate his...Kayley shoved her crayons into hers and pretended it was a birthday cake. She had fun blowing out her "candles."

Elijah just looked at her like, "What in the world is she doing"? and "Why is she blowing spit all over her dough ball?" or "Are you going to eat that?"

The next morning we met up at Gunther Toodies with one of my greatest friends, Carri. We have known eachother for probably 10 years now. We were little Airmen in the Air Force together back at the Air Force Academy. It is always fun to meet up with a friend you haven't seen in ages.

Here is Kayley licking Jelly out of those little jelly cups.

Back in the car! On the road again...time to head back to Arizona!

A rest stop in New Mexico. We took some pictures on these ancient rock carvings...or not...They were just rocks...but it was a nice place to stop and ease the stiffness in our backs.

Kayley and Daddy. She loves to pick those dead dandilions and blow their fluffies all over...She usually requires help.

Kayley see's her shadow. Great, now we are probably going to have 3 more months of summer. Oh, wait, we live in Phoenix...we are definately going to have 3 more months of summer.

Parched...better get a drink of water from the well...

Hanging out at the rest area...not much to do there.

Oh, dear....back in the car again! Every time we got in the car Kayley wanted to watch Cars. Or Nemo...or Lilo and Stitch. That DVD player was a life saver. I highly recommend them to everyone.
It was also funny...we would tell her, "we are going to stop in a minute. Just a minute.." Pretty soon I'd hear her babbling to Elmo.."In a a minute..."

We stopped at Fort Union National Monument in New Mexico. Here Kayley picked another flower.

And we got stamps for our National Parks passport books.

We walked around for a while and looked at the ruins of Fort Union, until we hear thunder. Then we RAN all the way back to visitors center because it was very flat out there. We weren't in the mood to get struck by lightening.

Kayley thought the thunder was very scary. She wouldn't get off my lap. We kept telling her it was "Mr. Brown" from the Dr. Suess book, "The Wonderful Sounds of Mr. Brown." In the book it says,
"Oh,The wonderful sounds Mr. Brown can do
He can sound like a cow! He can go Mooo!
Boom Boom Mr Brown is a wonder
Boom Boom Boom Mr. Brown makes thunder.
Mr Brown can make lightning go splatt splatt splatt!
It's very very hard to make noise like that!!"
She felt a little better after that and we all agreed that thunder is a little scary, but it's ok...

Here is Kayley waiting on a bench at Pecos National Monument. We stopped here to get another stamp in our book and to take a break from our travels.

We finally made it to our KOA in Albuquerque for the night and we ran over to Denny's to get something for dinner. We were starved. Kayley took this picture of us while we were waiting for our food. No really! Without help even.

Kayley's self portrait. She is going to be a great photographer someday...

Kayley hanging out with Daddy in our KOA cabin. I even managed to get Kayley to take a shower while we were here. It was very exciting to try to take a shower with a 2 year old, in a 4 x 4 foot space with NO lock on the door. She was VERY cooperative... I dont' think either of us got very clean, but we were very hot and felt a lot better after.

The next day we stopped at Petrified Forest in Holbrook, Arizona. Here is Kayley looking at leaves in a gutter. The whole time she was yelling, "Leeeaaaves! Leaaves!!!"

Here is Kayley and Elmo sitting on a petrified log.... Look, Kayley found a rock!

This trip was very tiring for everyone. Here is Kayley dozing off on the table at Denny's.


  1. Jame & Stephanie,
    I really liked the picture that Kayley took of you both. If she turns out to be anything like me she'll have a camera in her hands every chance she gets.
    I got your letter in the mail yesterday and cried through the whole thing as I read it over 3 times. Thank you so much for writing. I was having a very hard time this year with all of my emotions building up because I didn't know how she was.
    I'm sorry I'm so stubborn.
    I have a blog now too (just barely) and the URL is:
    You two can take a look and see how my life has been over the past 2 years. I'm currently uploading all the pictures I've taken between now and then and blogging about them. It's a daunting task, but it's my way of journaling/scrapbooking/etc. I've never been really good about writing everything down and this gives me a way of doing so.
    Anyway... this comment has somehow gone on and on when I meant to just type a quick line.
    I'll be e-mailing you guys later and keeping in touch more regularly from now on. (My stubborn days of just barely getting over being a teenager are over, thankfully, and I think I'm better about communicating my emotions etc.)
    I'm looking forward to reading more blogs in the future from your family. You all look so happy! It's great!

    Krystin (Hellewell) Christopherson

  2. wow, sounds like you guys had quite the trip and lots of fun :) love your posts!


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