Monday, July 28, 2008

Kayley's Play Date

Today we had our first play date! Kayley's friend Tate (or "Tape" as she calls him) came over to spend a couple of hours. The kids had a blast, running around in circles squealing.... Tate loves to hug on Kayley and she kept telling him No! It's so cute...

Here they are having a snack...

Watching cartoons...

Poor Tate trying to push Kayley in her dolly stroller... I could hear him grunting and Kayley was saying "Heavy! heavy!!"

They had a great time...we'll definitely have to have Tate over again soon!


  1. Oh my gosh those are cute pics!! I definitely need copies for Tate's scrapbook. Thanks again for watching him.

  2. Watch out, watch out!! You've got a little flirt on your hands it seems! Hopefully she'll be a little more socially inclined than I was as a kid. It seems as though she's off to a good start. I credit that to good parenting.


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