Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kayley #2 !!!!

Here are some pics from Kayley's Special Day. We can't believe our baby just turned 2! We celebrated by taking Kayley to one of her favorite places for breakfast. Chick-fil-A! Here is Kayley playing with a couple of hashbrowns.

She loves to play in the playground...she takes off her shoes and puts them in a cubby.

Then she climbs through all the tunnels....

And looks out all the windows.....

She likes to go down the slide...and she LOVES to try to go UP the slide...

We drive the Chick-fil-A cow race car.... By now I'm sure you are wondering how we got all of these amazing pictures of Kayley in the Chick-fil-A playground...

Yes, that would be Mommy up in the tunnels with Kayley...

I know these things have a weight limit...I'm just not sure what it is. =)

I tend to get stuck in some of the tubes...but I eventually made it down...

Here comes Kayley down the slide! Wheee!

Whoa! Look out, Mommy is right behind!

Again! Again!!

We stopped to take a quick phone call. To whomever sang Happy Birthday to Kayley during this phone call...It was on speaker... I think everyone in the playground heard it. Tee hee.

Time to go! Chick-fil-A is FUN!


  1. Looks like tons of fun! I've always wanted to get up in the tubes too, but I wasn't brave enough :) Happy Birthday Kayley! Hard to believe she's already 2, crazy!

  2. We definitely need to come with you guys looks like too much fun!!

  3. I always seem to be dragged into the tunnels with my little nieces and nephews as well... glad to see I'm not the only adult who does so. :)


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