Monday, June 23, 2008

Kayley's Owie

We had our first "major" owie this weekend. I was cleaning out the pantry and had to turn on a small lamp so it could shine down the hallway into the pantry where I was working. We hardly ever have this light on and I just wasn't thinking, but Kayley wandered up and grabbed the lightbulb inside and burned the pads on her two little fingers. I felt awful! She has two little blisters on both fingers. I put bandaids on them though and she thought that was pretty cool...she wore them for hours and would show anybody who was willing to look...

1 comment:

  1. My mom called them boo-boos when I was little. She would wrap an ice cube in a wash cloth a certain way and make it look like a bunny-rabbit with ears. We called it the boo-bunny. I think that distracted us from the boo-boo all together. I'll have to ask her how she did that... I tried a while ago to see if I could remember how to wrap/fold it and couldn't figure it out.


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